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440 Cartoonists from 51 Countries Followed Success with 1496 Cartoon Works.

PAKARTI (Indonesian Cartoonist Federation) has successfully completed the first Indonesian Cartoon Festival. The Cartoon Festival was held to commemorate Pakarti’s 31st birthday in the form of a cartoon contest. The period for admitting works runs from 11 November 2020 to 14 December 2020. The theme of this contest is “Anti Hoax”. In its implementation, Pakarti collaborated with Mafindo as the Indonesian Anti-Defamation Society Organization.

Why is the theme anti-hoax?

Hoax / fake / slanderous news has become a problem for the Indonesian nation, because the correct and updated news is not or not delivered, so that hoaxes can become a tool that can cause miscommunication and news disinformation and have a negative impact on the life of the nation and state. The worse impact, uncontrolled hoaxes and poisoning the community can result in the collapse of national unity and integrity which leads to the destruction of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. Given the urgency of this problem, PAKARTI is called to participate in efforts to combat the hoax problem through cartoon media. Cartoons are proven to be effective as an effective means of socialization. The public is more interested in messages that are packaged in the form of humorous cartoon images, so that the messages conveyed are easier to receive.

The festival, which was held for a relatively short period of time for a cartoon contest, turned out to be getting quite a lively interest from cartoonists. Not only from within the country, but even to foreign countries. No less than 440 cartoonists from 51 countries submitted 1496 works. However, Indonesian cartoonists still dominate in numbers. A total of 198 domestic cartoonists participated in the event, which for the first time was held by Pakarti’s management for the 2019-2024 period. The jury consists of Pakarti’s presidium: Agoes Jumianto, Agus Widodo, Jajak Solo, Yere Agusto, Den Dede, Mac Dorry, and Mafindo, have chosen the winning cartoon by Suyono (Semarang), Edi Dharma (Jambi), Septa Miyosa (Yogya), and 10 award works. Announcement of winners was held online from Cendhana Coffee, Pasar Gede Solo, Sunday (20/12/2020) in an interestingly packed event. The governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, was virtually present tonight.

This event was held by Pakarti with Mafindo, Diah Warih, Proconcept and Pakuwon Jati Group.

List of The Winner:

The First Winner – Suyono  (Indonesia)

The Second Winner – Edy Dharma (Indonesia)

The Third Winner – Atmaja Septa Miyosa (Indonesia)

Special Prize:

  1. David Hafez-Iran
  2. Izabela Kowalska Wieczorek-Poland
  3. Marina Gorelova-Belarus
  4. Simone Luz-Switzerland
  5. Putu Suarya Soethama – Bali, Indonesia

Achievement Award:

  1. Ahmad Reza Shorabi – Iran
  2. Zapata Mora – Colombia
  3. Gabriel Lopez – Mexico
  4. Kerem Yuce – Turkey
  5. Tiyok Black – Indonesia
  6. Abdul Qodir – Indonesia
  7. Yan Baptista Teguh – Indonesia
  8. Thomdean – Indonesia
  9. Itok Isdianto – Indonesia
  10. Makmoen Amoeng Bungsu – Indonesia

Katalog FKI 2020 (PDF) :

Catalogue of FKI 2020 (Flipbook) :


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