4th International Our Heritage Jerusalem Cartoon Contest 2021

Deadline // 29 Oktober 2021

4th International Our Heritage Jerusalem Cartoon Contest 2021

Bagikan //

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First Prize: 20.000 TL
Second Prize: 15.000 TL
Third Prize: 10.000 TL
5 Special Prize: @1.500 TL


Maaf Kontes ini sudah lewat waktu deadline


Free Jerusalem
Under the headline “our Heritage Jerusalem” is assosiated with the city of Jerusalem by cartoonist; Concepts and topics such as human rights, justice, freedom, love culture, social life, social responsibility, peace, city life are expected to be processed with caricatures in an enriched perspective.

Syarat & Ketentuan

  1. The competition is open to professional and amateur cartoonist of all countries (There is no age limit)
  2. More than one caricature related to the subject of the competition may be sent. (There is no limit to the number of pieces)
  3. The works submitted to the competition must not have received a prize from any competition before.
  4. All drawing technique are accepted. (Digital drawing can also be sent to the competition)
  5. Those who will participate in the competition should not have a travel disability
  6. All award winners’ transport an accommodation costs will be covered by the Association of Mirasimiz to attend the award ceremony.
  7. Members of the jury and 1st degree relatives can not participate on this competition.



Size: A4 (21 x 29,7 cm) to A3 (29,7 x 42 cm)

Digital Format: JPEG format (Max 200 dpi, 5 MB)

Hasil & Eksebisi

The award ceremony of Our Heritage Jerusalem International Cartoon Competition will be held in Istanbul between 1-31 December 2021.

Hak Cipta

  • The participant licenses and exclusively permits the Association of Mirasimiz for the use rights which is described under the Turkish Intellectual and Artistic Works Law No. 5846, 21-25: on processing, reproduction, distribution, representation in any way, use of fiscal rights, transferring those rights to third parties without limitation of any place, time and number restriction of the participated work(s). The participant further accepts the Association of Mirasimiz has the rights to keep submitted work(s) in archive, to publish them on the internet and other forms, including but not limited to the use of them in any way they desire, and in respect of the financial rights transferred for the reason is accepted by participant and declared in advance that they will not engage in any transactions with 3rd persons for the mention rights.
  • The authority to decide whether the submitted cartoons should be published on the website belongs to the Association of Mirasimiz.


  • To pre-register for the competition, participants must fill out the participation form which can be download at the kuduscartoo.com, jerusalemcartoon.com and mirasimiz.org.tr websites. By emailing the entry form together with your work(s) in digital format for each work to kuduscartoon@gmail.com or jerusalemcartoon@gmail.com

  • Participants who have pre-registered for the competition must submit the original work(s) with the wet-ink signed participation form, by mail or cargo to MIRASIMIZ DERNEGI Aksemsettin Mah. Halicilar Cd. No: 12 34080 Fatih-Istanbul / TURKIYE (If the work is a digital drawing, it is necessary to have a print out with a wet-ink signature on the front side). Important note: Those who did not posted their original work will be disqualified.

Info & Kontak